BrainWise Group

Our People Are The Reason We're A Success!


BrainWise is a Solution Service Provider made by a young and dynamic team that aims to grow the business of its customers, bringing them closer to information but at the same time making it simple and affordable for everyone.

BrainWise is guided by three core values: innovation, simplicity and competence.

The high level of expertise together with ethical values and social responsibility allow us to work with our most important territory: the world!

All of this with the prospect to make our planet a more livable place.





Become partner with the most smart, enterprising and innovative companies, in the definition and adoption of technologies that allow to compete at the highest level, by pursuing absolute results, overcoming the boundaries of time, geography and culture, in a process of internalization.


Information technology will be more and more the instrument of innovation of production processes and an element of differentiation and competition for companies, not as technological equipment, but as possession and control of information, which allows a precise and timely guidance of business, in a market that has eliminated geographical and cultural boundaries.




Here in BrainWise we work closely with worldwide leading brands in IT. Over the years we have achieved awards and certifications that guarantee the quality of the services we provide everyday. The constant search for innovation also involves the analysis of Italian and foreign excellence to provide the best solutions for different sectors and needs. This makes us a great partner: we can guarantee strength, experience and knowledge of the market.

Our goal is

To help you grow and develop your business in line with your goals