Euclide Join Simplicity: control of operations right at hand


BrainWise's helpdesk allows you to organize resources within your company getting very low response to the occurrence of critical events.

Euclide ticketing system allows to organize the problem solving activities reporting the problem to the competent authority (the service or asset manager) who will have the task of solving the problem or access to external resources (such as a maintainer or an outsourcer) that take charge and solve the reported problem. 

Euclide allows you to keep track of changes in status of tickets and collects statistics and any document produced to facilitate the evolution of the operations. Plus, it avoids the accumulation of too much work for a single resource.

Critical events can be catalogued in three different kinds within a company: "problems", "accidents" or "topics". This way, when the user enters the ticketing system doesn't just report a description of the problem, but also which area is affected: a single PC, internet browsing, a non-specific application or problems non inherent to IT such as the poor lightning of a room. This categorization helps the user to define better the problem an then to assign it to the appropriate technician.

BrainWise's helpdesk is the only tool that allows you to automate internal processes to improve the efficiency of the response of those in charge of solving a critical situation and improving control of all the problem solving activities. The ticketing system also allows you to understand exactly wherever the resources allocated to support are sufficient or not.


Improving efficiency, saving time and cutting costs. All of this is the ticketing and helpdesk system brought to you by BrainWise.