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We believe that to solve complex requirements is necessary to have solutions that can really simplify management: that's why BrainWise constantly investing in research and innovation! Discover our best solutions


Many think that the infrastructure is just a necessary road where the data of your company must pass. Instead, we think that it’s something much more important: something similar to a complex neural system that includes everything necessary not just to store but also to discipline disciplinary data. We believe this is the true complexity: manage your data and master it. Therefore the infrastructure, whatever in Cloud, Hybrid or On Premise must include efficient systems with protection of data at multiple levels to ensure maximum availability at all times.

From Cloud to traditional infrastructure with focus on Security and Collaboration

Whatever your current infrastructure is, we will help you to keep the pace of innovation through solutions that fit into your current and future business


Our application development division takes care to provide all the solutions you need to optimize your business and so improve your systems. We have developed specific applications for certain sectors going from industry to services to the financial sector. Our working team is young, dynamic and extremely careful in understanding your needs, but to do so at best uses international standards and methodologies during all the production process and tests. ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee for more quality of all our processes.

"Tailor made" Application solutions for your needs

Find out our applications in Project Management, Building and Facility Management, Service and Operation, Process Management and Document Management

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