Hybrid Cloud


Extension of data center to Cloud

BrainWise, as partner of VMware vCloud Air, keeps the promises of hybrid cloud computing, allowing to extend on cloud the data center and applications in an easy and safe way. With On-cloud services based on tested technologies, you can execute provisioning of new workloads or move the existent ones from one data center to another or from internal private clouds to public cloud or vice versa, according to your needs, creating an authentic hybrid cloud. BrainWise's hybrid cloud provides the extraordinary level of flexibility and choice typical of local based cloud services with vCloud Air and vCloud Air Network, world’s most extended certified cloud services net, all based on VMWare technologies.

BrainWise Hybrid Cloud Benefits

When you choose BrainWise's cloud services, you don’t have to worry about compatibility of application. You will cut costs and risks without the need to use further management tools, use a new infrastructure, redefine processes or retrain the personnel in charge.   

The benefits of a VMWare based platform of hybrid cloud provided by BrainWise include:

1. Ability to write, distribute and manage applications in the cloud, thanks to the underlying platform, which provides the same levels of safety, reliability and performances as VMWare infrastructure currently in use.

2. Complete management of the hybrid infrastructure (both data center and public clouds) with a single management framework. Possibility to still use tools, processes and skills you already own.

3. Quick distribution of workloads on cloud with the possibility to move them from on-site to off-site environments according to your needs.

4. Global availability and choice of services.

5. Control of the data through vCloud Air local data centers and services providers vCloud Air Network, present in 102 countries.


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