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BrainWise brings you SoftLayer: a cloud self-service infrastructure to build your data center in a few minutes

Develop your future with BrainWise, as we bring you SoftLayer, the cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) where Server Bare Metal, Virtual Server and other services operate in an integrated way, providing an high-scalable and performant cloud solution that will allow you to operate a self-service provisioning of virtual servers in a few minutes and also a self-service provisioning of “bare metal” dedicated servers in a few hours. SoftLayer infrastructure, available worldwide, provides control and flexibility necessary to easily manage all the cloud applications, from the easy to the complex ones.


  • Completely customizable and easily scalable platform
  • Complete automation with APIs
  • Dedicated and virtualized servers, self-service, for private, public and hybrid environments


  • High performance network connectivity with high redundant capacity
  • 3 different network architectures: public, private, environment management


  • Powerful unified platform, with management from a single panel and access to all functionalities through APIs
  • Dedicated bare-metal servers and single-tenant virtual cloud instances for production’s workloads
  • Wide set of security options
  • 24x7 support

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