Desktop and applications distributed through a single VDI platform

As VMware's official partner, BrainWise brings you Horizon 6 (with View), which is a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) platform that allows to distribute applications, virtual and remote desktop through a single platform, providing to final users access to all resources, both Windows and online, from a single unified workstation.

Thanks to the distribution of applications and virtual or remote desktops through a single VDI platform you can simplify management and granting of authorizations to final users provide them with the Windows resources they need to the speed required.


1. Virtualization of applications and desktop through a single VDI platform. Applications and virtualized or remote desktops distributed on-demand through a single platform to optimize the management and simplify the granting of authorizations to final users.

2. Unified workstation with excellent use experience. Desktop, applications and online services distributed to final users in a safe way through a single workstation. Excellent use experience, uniform on different devices, workstations, supports and networks.

3. Automation and closed cycle management with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Consolidation of control, distribution and protection of resources of end-user computing with end-to-end application management, images managing and analysis functionality, cloud automation and orchestration.

4. Optimized for Software-Defined Data Center. Dynamic allocation of resources with storage, elaboration and virtual network to simplify and manage in an efficient and inexpensive way and distribute desktop services on demand.

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