Optimize interaction and collaboration with BrainWise

Very often, the workplace offers technological performance underdeveloped compared to the standards of our private life. This obsolescence negatively impacts on the performances of the users and reduces the business profit.

Video conferencing, sharing of contacts and calendars, sync data with other applications are just some of the forms of collaboration that personnel already uses and that can easily increase the speed of dialogue within the company.

BrainWise brings to your company the latest communication solutions, to improve your personnel's collaboration, which affects company's productivity.




  • Centralization of all collaboration tools
  • Sharing of information among users wherever they are
  • Internal and external access to company through any device  (PC, Thin Client, smartphone, iPad, Browser)
  • Data synchronization among agenda, server’s mail contacts and company’s applications


  • Centralization of archives on server
  • Automatic sharing of information among users
  • High reliability of the service
  • Multi-language, multi-platform and geographic access
  • Availability of service in business continuity
  • Publishing and sharing documents and files portal with simultaneous multi-user modification access


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