Bring Your Own Device means agility, security and costs reduction


With the rise of mobility, businesses need more agility: employees must be able to retrieve the data and use the applications installed on their PC from their mobile devices. BrainWise, thanks to its partnership with VMware and its BYOD solutions (Bring Your Own Device) gives you this possibility.

VMware Horizon Air Desktops and Horizon Apps bring your PC's desktop and applications on your mobile devices, wherever you are.


Your PC and programs always with you

Horizon Air simplifies the supply of the cloud-hosted services: you'll have your desktop, your apps and everything that comes from the corporate data center on any device, brought to you by the cloud. Also, virtualized desktop is fully customizable, like your "normal" desktop.


Guaranteed agility and security

Horizon Air streamlines operations and reduces the burden on IT support by managing completely desktop and hosted applications.

The security features are already integrated, secure connectivity as point-to-point network, dedicated computing and network isolation.


Costs Reduction

Reduce your upfront costs and lower your desktop CTO with predictable cloud economics that enable you to move from CapEx to OpEx.


With BrainWise and VMware's solutions you will save time and money without sacrificing security and control.


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Ask for informations!

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