Unified Collaboration


Your mailbox becomes an intelligent "assistant"


BrainWise brings to you the most innovative solution to improve collaboration in your company, as IBM reinvents enterprise mail with a new freemium offer of social collaboration which uses integrated analytics tools in order to provide to the staff new ways to interact, to find people and proper information quickly and successfully complete their tasks. All of this is IBM Verse. This brand new solution is born from a 100 million dollars investment in design innovation, and gathers all the IBM platforms leaders in cloud, analytics, social and security. 

Just like BrainWise has an innovative approach to IT compared to other companies, IBM Verse has a completely new approach compared to traditional enterprise mail, integrating many tools that personnel uses every day (such as email, meetings, calendars, file sharing, instant messaging, social updates, chat, video and more) through a single collaboration environment. This is the first messaging system with “custom and diversified search” characteristics, which allows users to find and collect the specific information they are looking for in all the different kinds of contents in their mailbox.

Also, IBM Verse uses integrated analytic tools to provide an informative dashboard that intelligently displays the most important actions to perform during the day. With the ability to learn preferences and priorities of personnel as time goes by, Verse immediately provides a complete picture about a project in progress, including people and teams involved. This kind of approach is the opposite to the one adopted by the most part of free email services available, which analyze the mailbox of a user to increase the amount of advertising and monetize the data in other ways, that is clearly something unwelcomed by business users, who care about privacy respect, or who work in areas subject to regulations like financial or health related sectors.


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