ECMS Suite


Enterprise Content Management System: running your business has never been so easy


ECMS comes from the BrainWise experience in business process management.

In the business world there are many specific solutions for business processes management, like ERP, CRM, BMP and more.

Most of the times, companies have already fixed the core business processes but notice shortcomings and great expenditure of time in management of side processes, internal and external communication, in the search for documents or in attending some activities.

ECMS is the answer to the needs of quickness and easiness.

Our suite deals with cataloging the various unstructured processes and, with time, turning them into modeled activities of which you already know times, requirements and responsible.

It is not a simple document management, although it allows the intelligent classification of any document. It is not even a system of project management, although it fulfills also this role. It's not even a scheduler of assets or resources plan. It's something more.

It's ECMS by BrainWise.

A single platform that allows you to manage tasks, projects, documents, communications, resources and time in a simple but structured way.

All of this would remain only on paper without active support and advice. BrainWise does just that: it helps you to start a path of review of internal processes thanks to the consultancy experience developed over time.



  • Management of processes and processes models
  • Management of business collaboration
  • Documents and attachments management
  • Project management
  • Management of incidents, problems and warnings
  • Expenses report, travel expenses and absences management
  • Personal data and CRM 
  • Resources and roles
  • Integrated Quality Management System

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