Data Loss prevention


Total security for your data with BrainWise's Intellectual Property Guard


Data theft is one of the hardest problem to solve: most of the data theft (62%, according to research Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2013) takes months (or often years) to be discovered.

But what happens to the data being stolen? Most of the time they end up in the hands of competitors! Also according to the data Verizon Data Breach Investigations, about 65% of employees who steal confidential information have already accepted a job offer from a competitor or are starting their own company. About 20% were hired by an outsider interested in the data. More than half steal data within a month before leaving the company.

BrainWise is the perfect partner to secure your data with Intellectual Property Guard®, our service of Data Loss Prevention.

BrainWise’s IPguard represents a complete approach to the need to protect the competitive advantage generated by the know-how and contained in confidential information. It consists of a set of solutions and services that aim to control and create a corporate culture of protection of knowledge. We protect all of your data, wherever they are!


  • Recognize and classify the content of structured DataBase and unstructured documents (hundreds of supported formats)
  • Provide access to the API classification engine content to allow the creation of content-aware applications
  • Manage and correct errors of classification documents with metadata analysis and fingerprinting
  • Substantially reduce the time spent in performing traditional scans data
  • Protect dynamically content server, email and sites of collaboration based on classification of data and user permissions

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