Data Protection


BrainWise has the solutions you need to protect your data

Technologies are evolving, and with them the ability to access to your reserved data in a fraudulent way. The passwords we generate are often bypassed and don’t provide a valid defense from violations. BrainWise offers solutions which are similar to Home Banking management, to avoid infringements and guarantee that your data will remain yours.

Also, BrainWise offers a sophisticated protection system that ensures the possibility to have full control of all the outgoing and incoming data transmissions so that no dangerous data can access the system nor strategic information can leave it.  


  • Simplification of password-change management
  • Warranty of protection from theft of password
  • Simplification of secure access from remote users
  • Protection of company’s network
  • Limitation of internet use to business areas
  • Security in remote users’ access
  • High availability of provided services through internet connection
  • Limitation of social network activities to selected users
  • Protection of web applications


  • Use of “disposable” password
  • Use of strong authentication (password with two factors)
  • Random password generation
  • Cluster of redundant firewall
  • Load balancing of internet accesses
  • Filter of internet access through policy of contents
  • Anti-intrusion systems with dynamic modification of firewall rules
  • Layer 7 analysis and filter of internet traffic
  • Token password hardware, software, SMS

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